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Looking for a new way to bring value to your home?

Our custom-designed timber windows and doors will bring about the sophistication you were seeking, at the most competitive prices.

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supply and fit within central scotland

50 Years Warranty

on your Accoya timber windows and doors




Download Our Timber Window & Door Brochure

It is packed full of all the reasons why you need to pick timber over uvpc as the best solution for your new windows and doors

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Download Our Timber Window & Door Brochure

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    arrow We provide long warranties on our timber products

    Flood Your Home With A Literal Breath Of Fresh Air

    They say eyes are the windows to your soul, so what does this make the very own windows of your home?

    Shape your way into uniqueness: allow your windows and doors to compliment your character and lifestyle and achieve beauty without any compromise on prices and longevity.

    A new set will improve the look of your house from the outside, while also allowing change to flow through your homely walls, getting rid of the old and introducing the new.

    If you are tired of the appearance of your windows and doors, and they’re just another weight on your shoulder…

    If they have lost their luster, making your house look outdated and less valuable…

    If air and moisture are flooding in, together with cold drafts that are making your heating bills skyrocket…

    In short, if you want to renovate your home’s look and start saving up on maintenance, you have landed in the right place.

    We from Timber Window And Door Solutions will provide you with the best, high-quality windows and doors out there to efficiently take care of your home.

    Choose from a wide variety of models and see which one better suits your needs: the benefits will surprise you!

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    We Provide A Long Warranty With All Timber Products

    We are delighted that the windows we manufacture and install come with some of the best warranties available in the market. These vary slightly from one manufacturer to another and specific warranties are supplied with your quotation, but generally the following warranties apply:

    Caring For The Environment

    Timber The Sustainability Choice

    We not only care about the effort we put into our products, but we care about the world around us too and wood is the only naturally renewable mainstream building material we have.

    Our wood that has been certified as legal and sustainable. This provides an independent guarantee that the timber has been grown in accordance with a number of sustainability criteria, including the replacement of harvested trees.

    Our frames are carbon negative and our windows also save on energy and CO2.

    Do you know which type of window you need

    What Type of Windows Should I Buy?

    The term ‘window type’ describes the opening arrangement (not to be confused with window styles, which may vary within a window type).

    side hung casement windows
    Supply Only

    Say Goodbye To Your Window Cleaning Times Provided with high-level security features, these windows are almost maintenance-free: enjoy the light gathering in your home without worrying about cleaning them up every weekend! ...

    read more
    alu clad video thumb
    Alu-Clad Windows – Tilt and Turn

    Combining strength and style, alu-clad windows offer the best of both worlds. Our alu-clad windows take the best elements of timber and aluminium windows to create a stunning, durable, versatile product, which will breathe new life into any home. ...

    read more
    vertical sliding sash windows
    Accoya Timber Windows

    Windows That Pass The Test Of Time Recognised as one of the most durable materials worldwide, Accoya timber windows will withstand even the most capricious weather so that you can enjoy your new frames for a very long time. ...

    read more
    flushtest side hung window
    Side Hung Casement Windows

    Side Hung Casement Windows are simple and pleasant to look at, these windows have a seamless outward opening. They are here to make the access to your home genuinely impactful, or to provide you with great, highly-performing emergency exits. ...

    read more
    projecting top hung casement windows
    Projecting Top Hung Casement Windows

    Brighten Up The Place In Total Comfort Excellent when it comes to Energy Efficiency, these windows will brighten your home with ease preventing heat loss at the same time. Effective ventilation and ease of use will have you loving your new set of windows! ...

    read more
    tilt and turn windows
    Tilt and Turn Windows

    Put a Fullstop to Maintenance Costs Worry less about cleaning your windows with our Tilt And Turn Windows: versatile and easy to operate, they’re the number one solution to gift your home with a touch of modernity without spending too much time on maintenance. ...

    read more
    finished external windows sash and case
    Vertical Sliding Sash & Case Windows

    Say Goodbye To Your Window Cleaning Times Provided with high-level security features, these Vertical Sliding Sash Windows are almost maintenance-free: enjoy the light gathering in your home without worrying about cleaning them up every weekend! ...

    read more
    side hung casement windows
    Casement Windows

    Say Goodbye To Your Window Cleaning Times Provided with high-level security features, these windows are almost maintenance-free: enjoy the light gathering in your home without worrying about cleaning them up every weekend! ...

    read more

    Still unsure which is best for you?

    Get in Touch with us we would be happy to discuss your options with best advice and free quote

    Do you need a new timber door? Our made to order doors for both inside and out are as unique as you

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    internal wooden door

    Internal Wooden Doors

    Internal Wooden Doors

    Capture The Essence Of Heat Give every room character and reduce your heater usage

    external wooden door

    External Wooden Doors

    External Wooden Doors

    Our Doors Bring All The Style To The Yard Protect your house in the most efficient manner

    wooden bi fold doors

    Wooden Bi-Fold Doors

    Wooden Bi-Fold Doors

    Change It Up With Style Create unique spaces and rooms that offer privacy and versatility

    accoya timber doors

    Accoya Timber Doors

    Accoya Timber Doors

    Designed With Durability In Mind Allow your external doors to be stable and durable


    Why Choose Timber Windows over UPVC Windows?

    Sourced from managed forests, mostly from Scandinavia; timber is an environmentally friendly, thermally efficient, good looking and low maintenance material...


    “Quality Service, &
    Excellent Work!”

    Ordered new doors from Timber Window And Door Solutions: Good communication, and two friendly guys installed them quickly and efficiently. Time will tell how they are, but, as of right now, everything feels way more sturdy and secure than before. Great service!

    J Rooney (Glasgow Housing Association)

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