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About UsWe provide long warranties on our timber products

About Us

Timber Window And Door Solutions was created to be a reliable source of high-quality Accoya timber windows and doors for homes. The company realises that times have changed. And there are currently so many companies and individuals promising high-quality materials but offering very mediocre work.

Gone are the days when almost every door and window product can be guaranteed, in terms of quality. Presently, most of the materials seen on the market are not up to standard. This is why our company has stepped in – to breach the gap between top-notch state of the art windows and doors solutions made from trusted, high-quality Accoya timber.

Here at Timber Window And Door Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing one of the very best timber window and door systems currently available on the market.

Our Team

Our team is composed of talented, skilful, and very well trained craftsmen with years of experience between them working with different kinds of customers. We take our work seriously, with dedication and pride, to ensure that you receive the best of services. All our doors and windows are tailor-made to suit the different requirements of all our clients.

Our on-site factory means our craftsmanship is second to none, and everything is made handmade to order. So, every project our team works on is handcrafted meaning that each client can be assured that the quality and design of our work cannot be replicated anywhere else.

We have a team of experienced joiners that undertake regular training at local colleges and through a number of key partners we have worked with. Such key partners bring on board considerable global expertise. Our team of experienced joiners also receive training from external joinery specialists.

Why Choose Us?

Founded by James Moss, Timber Window And Door Solutions offers a wide array of high-quality door and window solutions made from the best timber materials. We sincerely believe that we have one of the best (if not the best) products available on the market today for the following reasons:

  • Our expertise is top-notch
  • With a history in timber doors, windows, atriums, orangeries as well as other glazed products that date back several years, we have been able to build up years of significant experience and expertise. These include made to order timber projects from as simple as small domestic installations, grade 2 listed renovations, country homes, to complex and sizable commercial projects in London and, indeed, throughout the United Kingdom.
  • We have suppliers and partners that make available to us only the best, exciting, and exclusive new timbers such as the high-quality Accoya timber and pioneering stains and paints from Scandinavia. All these come together to complement the knowledge and experience that we already have here at Timber Window And Door Solutions.
  • Aside from our factory work, we also offer point-of-sale support and specific advice on product materials and designs. Plus, all our products are made right here in the United Kingdom.

The Benefits

  1. Sustainability

    We make a significant contribution to sustainable construction. This is because wood is a naturally renewable material. Thus, it poses no harm to the environment. Our materials are also independently certified to be sourced from sustainably managed forests. Plus, all our frames are carbon negative.

  2. A wide array of windows and doors

    With respect to the opening arrangement, we have a wide array of windows to choose from. These window options range from side hung casement windows, project top hung casement windows, tilt and turn windows, as well as vertical sliding sash windows. Our array of doors also range from Accoya bifold doors to Accoya French doors. Plus, our options extend beyond the conventional front door designs.

  3. A cost-effective solution

    Our high-quality timber materials act as natural insulators for your home, as they help to prevent heat from leaking out of the house. This will translate into money in the pocket of the user. Our high-quality timber doors and windows are strong as well as resistant to any changing weather condition. This means that they last longer and require very little maintenance. In short, our timber doors and windows can become one of the best assets in your home as far as energy conservation is concerned.

  4. Improved security with modernity

    Our products have undergone processes to make them stronger and resistant to natural elements. Plus, they have been enhanced to provide an additional element of security mixed with style. With respect to style, our products are made to order, unique, and handcrafted. Unlike the old PVC, metal, and poor quality wooden materials, our products provide style and class to the appearance of your home.

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