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Timber Window and Door Solutions supplies timber windows and doors at scale. We work with a range of clients across industries including house builders, joiners, architects and housing associations to provide made-to-order products aligned with your project’s specific needs and with unbeatable savings on unit cost.

Our commitment to quality is our founding principal and the standard of our work has resulted in an expansion of our infrastructure which means that we are now able to present a limited opportunity to new partners.

Our offering has evolved to address the common pain points our clients had with previous suppliers.

Lack of communication and varying quality control was a common theme. At TWDS we wanted to provide something better: expert materials design and robust, durable construction of timber windows and doors, and at speed. A service that can be counted on no matter the deadline. To do this we restructured our manufacturing processes to include the highest standards of QC at every stage. Focusing on consistency, quality and sustainability has made TWDS the preferred suppliers to numerous businesses like yours.



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“Timber window and Door Solutions provided an excellent service. Their team of craftsmen are experts in the field. They provided a high level of communication and professionalism. We could not be happier with the products which I was provided.”

Mr Burns
(Edinburgh Housing Association)

“TWDS was fantastic to work with, we had purchased new doors which we used for Installation, working with us every step of the way to answer any questions we had regarding their products. Very highly recommended.”

P Jones
(London - Acorn Builders)

“A fantastic team providing a great service, they assisted us in choosing the right design which fit in with the aesthetic for our project. They were very hands on with helping us getting the best results, very professional and smooth service”

J Syies
(Johnston Architects)
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Yes. We provide full UK wide delivery for all of our products.
Working as partner

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At the heart of TWDS we believe in transparency and commitment. For this reason, we provide an account manager and dedicated customer support to our partners which helps us deliver innovative solutions to problems so that you always meet your deadline.

Our staff work in tandem with your department, to ensure seamless delivery of our high-quality products through clear and informative communication every step of the way.

We also provide service level agreement on all products outlining our commitments to you.

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