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We provide long warranties on our timber productsWe provide long warranties on our timber products

Can You Replace Sash Windows With Double Glazing?

can you replace sash windows with double glazing
May 20, 2021

Well-crafted, custom-made wooden windows will always add value and ‘pavement presence’ to every home, whether it’s a new build or restoration. Quality wooden windows deliver other benefits, including reduced heating costs, less time and expense on maintenance, counteraction to noise pollution and improved home security.

One of the questions we often get asked is ‘Can you replace sash windows with double glazing?’, so we’re going to answer this today.

Can You Replace Sash Windows With Double Glazing?

Can You Replace Sash Windows With Double Glazing? Put simply, the answer to this question is YES, but it will require a team of craftsmen with years of experience. Timber Window And Door Solutions’ luxury timber sliding sash and case windows combine the traditional feel of a sash window and modern materials with efficiency and sophistication. Vertical sliding sash windows, or ‘box sash’ windows, have top and bottom sashes that slide. The weight of both sashes is counter-balanced by steel weights inside the sash boxes. For more fitting options, a spiral balance allows for a slimmer frame profile. We even make triple glazed sash windows for people looking for ultra performance and sound stability.

Renaissance Of Wood Windows

In recent years, there has been a real renaissance in beautiful wooden window frames as builders and homeowners rediscover the benefits of natural materials over man-made. Thanks to new materials, processes and paint finishes, modern wooden windows now enjoy a far greater lifespan and less ongoing maintenance. But technological advances are only part of the story.

Expert Understanding

For genuine quality and peace of mind, wooden windows need to be handcrafted by master carpenters and installed by fitters who understand and respect the material. Timber Window and Door Solutions takes pride in offering one of the best timber window systems on the market today with Industry leading warranties.

UK-Wide Coverage

Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, we hand-build, supply and fit windows in central Scotland and offer UK-wide delivery to discerning customers who demand guaranteed quality. Many of our customers are located where there are period properties, such as in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bradford and many rural locations etc…  Using only sustainably sourced wood with a long lifespan and guarantee, the team at Timber Window And Door Solutions precision machines bespoke windows exactly to meet the needs of customers. The entire team takes real pride in their work and are enthusiastic about educating homeowners and builders on the many applications of wooden windows in a modern context. Our Accoya made timber sash windows come with a 50 year guarantee.

High Standards

Given the UK climate, all of Timber Window And Door Solutions’ windows are tested extensively to guarantee performance. For exceptional energy efficiency and sound insulation, windows are available as double or triple glazed, complying with listed building regulations and standard regulations.

And for customers who want the romance of sash windows but without the usual problems, Timber Window And Door Solutions’ vertical sliding sash windows eliminate the drafts and rattling which are often present in traditional sliding sash windows. That means style is not sacrificed for efficiency. They are thoughtfully designed with all modern requirements, including child-safety features, draft-sealing, high-capacity pre-tension cords and concealed gaskets. To achieve the exact look required, they are also fitted with shaped sash horns, period glazing and traditional ironmongery options.

Conservation Compliant

Timber Window And Door Solutions’ stunning sash windows have been designed for the specialist needs of conservation areas throughout the UK and are perfect for historic restoration projects. Bespoke sash windows are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, including natural wood finishes and stains. If you want a certain colour, there is a range of vintage and modern hues to match existing windows or give a whole new look to your property.

Expert Advice

Timber Window And Door Solutions’ window specialists have decades of experience working with property owners to select and build the perfect windows. Contact our experts today to discuss your project and receive a free quote.

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