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How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?

how much do sash windows cost by timber window and door solutions
July 29, 2021

A beautiful set of traditional timber sash windows can transform a period property. But sash windows are not a budget option; these traditional windows are handmade by skilled craftsmen with each window tailor-made for the property.

The bespoke nature of sash windows means there can be a big variation in cost between window sets. So it’s not surprising that one of the most common questions we get asked is, how much do sash windows cost?

Some companies have attempted to answer this question with a definitive figure. But there are so many variations involved in the manufacturing of sash windows that these figures can be misleading depending on your requirements.

So in this blog, we are going to explore six of the biggest factors that impact the cost of sash windows.


1. The type of timber used

The type of timber used to manufacture the window frame is one of the biggest factors that impact the cost. Several kinds of wood can be used including; Accoya, Douglas Fir, English Oak, European Redwood, Scots Pine and Mahogany.

Scots Pine is the cheapest option, but this is also the least durable. European Redwood is a popular choice due to its excellent durability and affordability. Accoya is the most expensive, but this incredibly strong wood comes with a 50-year guarantee.


2. The size of the frames

The size of the frames themselves should also be considered. Sash windows are available in standard sizes like other window sets. These are the most cost-effective options for most people.

However, many sash windows are bespoke sizes, since they were originally made before the days of mass production. Houses in the Arts & Crafts style for example, often use elaborate oversized sash windows to flood interiors with light.

These bespoke style windows have to be made to order by skilled craftsmen, this makes them much more expensive than standard size windows per sqm. This is one of the main reasons why it is impossible to give a rough guide price for sash windows.


3. The number of openings

The number of opening sashes can also impact the final cost. Traditional sash windows have a single opening sash that slides up and down in the frame. These are the most cost-effective options.

But more complex elaborate designs can have two or more opening panes per window. This obviously impacts the cost of the final product since each opening pane requires a significant amount of time to produce.


4. The number of panes

Sash windows are available in several common styles including Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. Each of these styles has a different number of panes per sash. The higher the number of panes per sash the more expensive the windows will be.

Victorian windows typically feature two over two panes. This is the most cost-effective style. Edwardian windows feature six over two panes and sit in the middle in terms of cost. Georgian windows feature six over six panes and are the most expensive.


5. The type of glazing fitted

Along with the individual panes, the type of glazing should also be considered. Sash windows can be supplied with single, double or triple-glazing. Single glazing is the most common but it has the poorest thermal efficiency although newer manufacturing techniques make them much more thermal than any existing old windows you may have.

However, building regulations may restrict the use of double or triple glazing, particularly in listed period properties. In such cases, single glazing may have to be used if required by your local council authority.

In terms of cost, standard single glazing is the cheapest option, while triple glazing has excellent thermal efficiency and offers the best value.


6. The type of fittings used

Finally, the type and style of fittings used also has a significant influence on the final cost.

Several types of fittings are available including locks, fasteners, astragal bars, sash horns and latches. The higher the quality of fittings the more they cost.

It is not uncommon for the fittings to cost as much as the window itself, particularly if gold plated fittings are selected. This is another reason why it is almost impossible to answer the question without knowing your specifications?


Get in touch for an accurate quote to find out how much do sash windows cost?

If you are considering replacing your sash windows, the best way to get an idea about the cost is to get in touch with us for a quote. Our sash window experts are always happy to provide a quote for sash windows of all types and sizes.

To provide you with a detailed accurate quote we will start by looking at the size and style of your existing windows. We will then explain the various options available to you, including glazing, fittings, colours, timbers and finishes.

This is the only true way of getting an accurate quote for replacement sash windows.

So give us a call today on 0131 629 3260 or complete the contact form here for more details.

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