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We provide long warranties on our timber productsWe provide long warranties on our timber products


Sash And Case Windows Aberdeen


One way to add some charm and personalisation to your home is to add custom windows. You can also add value to your home with new windows. If you get high-quality windows, it could also help you save money on your utility bills. While there are many reasons to get new windows in your home, it can be time-consuming and costly, so it is important to make the right decision and do your research. All of our window solutions are made to size and can be double or triple glazed.

Sash and Case Windows in Aberdeen

The original sash and case windows were invented in the late 1600s and were quickly used all across the Aberdeen area and all of Scotland. Sash and case windows are characterised by having two main wooden components: sashes that move up and down and the case which holds them in place.

Sash and case windows are a great choice for your home in Aberdeen because they are aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance. They are also safe and secure for your home. They are a great way to add a measure of cozy charm to your house while keeping your family safe.

Bespoke Wooden Windows

Restoring an older home or building a newer home with specific ideas in mind means you will need someone to join with you in creating your dream windows. Bespoke wooden windows can be made to fit your exact specifications.

We offer a wide variety of styles, and our experience means we can make your vision come to life. Commissioning bespoke windows in Aberdeen means that all the elements of your home will come together to create the atmosphere you desire. This perfect vision will be realised on the inside and outside of your beautiful home.


sash and case windows aberdeen


Accoya Timber

Accoya timber is a modified wood that is unparalleled when it comes to durability and versatility. It is a sustainable wood choice, so it is good for the environment and has a low carbon footprint. It also comes with a 50-year warranty, so it is well worth the investment. We can manufacture your windows in Accoya timber if required.

Accoya is also naturally insulating, which makes it the perfect choice to use with windows. Lowering the price of your energy bills and keeping your home the perfect temperature year rounds just became much easier!

Since it also has less shrinkage, swelling, and damage from natural causes, it will also keep repair costs and maintenance costs to a minimum. It is available in many different finishes that will last a long time and match the look of your house.

Why Choose Timber Window and Door Solutions

At Timber Window and Door Solutions, we use a state of the art workshop and handcraft everything locally using the best materials we can find. We are a local business, and because we are local, we care about the neighbourhoods in Aberdeen. We want the communities where we work and live to look their best and strive to ensure that they do. We know that you love your home and have a vision for its future. We offer free quotes by phone, online contact form, or live chat to help get you started.

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Wait no more! Thousands of happy customers have already benefited from our Sash and Case windows in Aberdeen. And you can see that from the dozens of good feedback on our completed projects for businesses, churches, individuals, and even large organisations.

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We Provide A Long Warranty With All Timber Products

We are delighted that the windows we manufacture come with some of the best warranties available in the market. These vary slightly from one manufacturer to another and specific warranties are supplied with your quotation, but generally the following warranties apply:


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Ordered new doors from Timber Window And Door Solutions: Good communication, and two friendly guys installed them quickly and efficiently. Time will tell how they are, but, as of right now, everything feels way more sturdy and secure than before. Great service!

J Rooney (Glasgow Housing Association)

Why Choose Timber Windows over UPVC Windows?

Sourced from managed forests, mostly from Scandinavia; timber is an environmentally friendly, thermally efficient, good looking and low maintenance material...

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