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We provide long warranties on our timber productsWe provide long warranties on our timber products


Sash And Case Windows Scotland

The windows that you have installed in your house will always influence the overall look, style, and feel of the home in a variety of ways that are difficult to understate the importance of.

The right style of windows; such as Sash and Case windows in Scotland, can harken back to an earlier time and can create an aesthetic sense of sophistication, tradition, and an elegance that is hard to beat – and that can create a wonderfully cosy and homely feel that should help you to feel truly content in your space.

While there are many different, excellent, window types out there, here are some of the unique benefits of taking advantage of our Sash and Case window services.


Benefits of Sash and Case windows

Sash and case windows are a traditional window style that stretches back all the way to the late 1600s – and are therefore visually reminiscent of that period, and summon up all sorts of associations with the classic aesthetic of the past.

The style was first created when a smart mechanism was initially applied to timber sashes in order to balance the weight of the individual frames, with the end result being that this style of windows caught on and spread throughout Scotland from about the 1680s onwards.

Sash and case windows, therefore, could be said to be a very traditional Scottish style and installation of this window type can serve to bring a house into conformity with the more classic architectural style of its surroundings, or can in any case help the home to reflect a timeless and classy Scottish aesthetic which stands out from the crowd, and makes a striking impression on visitors and passers-by alike.

Sash and case windows can be easily opened in even the most space-restricted environments, due to their iconic up-and-down mechanism. The result is that you can always get an excellent level of ventilation into your home without having to worry about your open windows getting in the way of anything. You also don’t have to worry about your open windows being damaged or blown about if strong winds pick up.

Sash and case windows are also suitable for just about any home, and can be fitted quite efficiently whatever the case.


sash and case windows scotland


Materials: timber and Accoya timber

When you call us to install windows for you, you will have the choice between standard timber and Accoya timber, for the building materials.

Accoya timber is a special variety that comes with a 50 year warranty – and has many specific benefits that make it sought-after, desirable, and environmentally responsible.

Accoya timber places a great degree of emphasis on sustainability, and is described by the company which produces it as “the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability.” The modified Accoya wood has been sustainably sourced with FSC® certification, and has a minimal environmental impact while also being durable and resistant to weather damage.


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Sash and case windows are brilliantly suited to Scottish homes, and with extra durable Accoya wood, having these windows installed in your home can be a great long-term investment.

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We Provide A Long Warranty With All Timber Products

We are delighted that the windows we manufacture come with some of the best warranties available in the market. These vary slightly from one manufacturer to another and specific warranties are supplied with your quotation, but generally the following warranties apply:


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