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When is the right time to replace your sash windows?

When is the right time to replace your sash windows
June 16, 2021

Sash windows are an enduringly popular style of window in properties around the UK. Stylish and practical, they are a feature that stands out for all the right reasons. While quality windows that are installed by a professional fitter should last for 20 years or more, there can be times when replacing sash windows is sensible.

Knowing when to do this is not as easy as you would imagine though and can prove tricky! The good news is that there are some common signs to look for which can signal replacements are needed. But what might these be?

Breeze or draught in your property

If you find that there always seems to be a draught or breeze in your home (even with windows shut), then it probably means the seals on one or more sash windows has gone. It may also mean one or more window is only single glazed which can cause draughts. Another sign to look out for is homes that take ages to get warm when the heating is on. If you notice a constant breeze or your house taking a long time to heat up, it is important to get your windows checked out and replace any that are in poor repair.

Property has taken a battering from the weather

Stormy weather can be an issue in many ways and the damage it can do to sash windows is a prime example. This can be true anywhere but especially if you live on the coast or on higher ground. If you notice that your windows are in bad shape after a storm, it is key to get them replaced. This will keep you and your family safe, comfortable and secure.

Making upgrades to your property

This can actually be one of the most common reasons for people to change their sash windows. Replacing old windows with new ones means you can ensure the style, design and colour of the new windows is in keeping with your upgraded home. This means you end up with a renovated property that looks amazing and works as a whole. Having sash windows replaced while upgrading also means you can have the work done when builders are already on site.

Condensation a problem

If you have started to notice that there is condensation on your windows each morning, then it is time to act. Condensation is bad because it can rot timber window frames, put more moisture into your home’s air and could even affect your health in the long term. It is also a sign that the seals in your windows have gone, windows are broken or they are only single-glazed. Either way, you should definitely get your windows replaced if condensation is an issue.

Damaged or broken glass

If you have damaged or broken glass in windows, then sash window replacement is wise. Glass that is broken or damaged looks unsightly but also makes your home vulnerable to break-ins. It is also bad for energy efficiency and can see you spending more on heating your home.

Noise pollution is an issue

Sash windows that fit properly and work as intended should reduce external noise significantly. If you start to find noise pollution a problem, it can be a sign that your windows need replacing. This can be something those who live in busy cities or towns start to notice especially. Replacing your current windows with new, double-glazed ones should certainly make your home more peaceful again.

Home furniture starting to fade

This may sound strange but fading colours on home furniture can be a sign that your sash windows need replacing. Faded colours usually mean the glazing in your windows is no longer working and they do not provide effective UV protection. This means that UV rays from sunlight passes through your windows, into your home and fades your furniture’s colour after a while. By changing your windows for new ones, you solve this issue and have proper UV light protection in place again.

So, when is the right time to replace your sash windows?

If any of the above reasons ring a bell with you, then it is time to replace your sash windows.
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