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50 Years Warranty

on your Accoya timber windows and doors

We provide long warranties on our timber productsWe provide long warranties on our timber products

Projecting Top Hung Casement Windows

Projecting top hung casement windows are some of the best window options on the market. Our custom designed windows are practical, versatile, and can be adapted to any space. All of our projecting top hung casement windows are purpose-built by our expert joiners, creating beautiful hand-crafted pieces that are adapted specifically for your home.

Top hung casement windows

Top hung casement windows are convenient to use and are highly practical. Due to the top hinge, they are effective in providing ventilation and fresh air while protecting your interior from adverse weather. They are the ultimate window when it comes to contemporary design. However, they can be made from a host of materials, making them adaptable to more traditional looks.

Made to Order timber casement windows

Our custom-built, made to order timber casement windows are suited to an eco-friendly home. They provide excellent insulation, leading to improved energy efficiency. Their sleek design not only creates a polished finish to a building, but they also contribute to amazing views, whether the windows are open or closed. Our windows are designed to ensure your home will benefit from maximum light exposure, increasing the perceived depth of your home and creating a bright atmosphere. The custom-builds come with a guarantee of up to fifty years, depending on the materials you choose.

When it comes to home improvements, never settle for mediocrity. Contact us today and take the first steps toward becoming the proud owner of custom-designed, made to order, top hung casement windows. Choose from a wide array of designs, colours, and finishes, giving you the look that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Timber Window Colours

Achieve the desired look for your new windows from our range of durable paint and stain finishes.

Our wooden doors and windows are available in any of the 200+ colours from the European colour matching system,

 RAL Click here to view them all >

  • Anthracite Grey

  • Bluebell

  • Burgundy

  • Buttercup Yellow

  • Dark Woodgrain

  • Emerald Green

  • Eucalyptus

  • Fire Green

  • Golden Oak

  • Ivory

  • Jet Black

  • Olive Green

  • Pillar Box Red

  • Steel Blue

  • Pillar Box Red

  • Steel Blue

  • White

  • Zinc Yellow

We Provide A Long Warranty With All Timber Products

We are delighted that the windows we manufacture come with some of the best warranties available in the market. These vary slightly from one manufacturer to another and specific warranties are supplied with your quotation, but generally the following warranties apply:

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