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50 Years Warranty

on your Accoya timber windows and doors

We provide long warranties on our timber productsWe provide long warranties on our timber products

Vertical Sliding Sash & Case Windows

Timber Window & Door Solutions

Our luxury timber sliding sash and case windows bring together the traditional feel of a sash window and the sophistication of modern materials and efficiency. We’re proud that our quality handmade traditional windows are part of some of the most beautiful restorations and new builds across the UK. Vertical sliding sash windows or ‘box sash’ have top and bottom sashes that slide. The weight of both sashes can be counter-balanced by a series of steel weight hidden in the sash boxes. Some modern windows use a method called spiral balance, which can allow for a slimmer frame profile, giving more options for fitting. They can come double or triple glazed for exceptional energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Less common is the horizontal sliding window, known as the ‘Yorkshire sash’ which is used in some parts of the UK.

Hand made in the UK

All of our windows are handmade to order by specialist craftsmen. You can choose from a range of specialist timbers to complete the perfect look or choose our Accoya Timber, which is guaranteed for 50 years.
Our windows are rigorously tested to offer the best performance in the UK climate. They can come double or triple glazed for exceptional energy efficiency and sound insulation. Not only do they meet standard regulations but they comply with listed building regulations too. All of our vertical sliding sash windows have been designed to eliminate the drafts and rattles often associated with traditional sliding sash windows. This is thanks to the incorporation of the flip, bubble, and brush pile gaskets throughout.

The window must be fitted behind the outer leaf of brick or stone, in keeping with most listed buildings in the UK and major conservation areas.

Other design features include:

  • Comb jointed sashes for strength
  • Shaped sash horns
  • Traditional staff beads
  • Heritage/Georgian bard
  • Tech true traditional cords and weights operation
  • Heavy-duty ball race rollers
  • Pre-tensioned nylon cord with a high weight capacity
  • Draft sealed
  • Child safety features
  • Concealed gaskets
  • Traditional ironmongery options
  • Period glazing bars of the correct thickness and detail can be achieved by using applied bars and spacers

Conservation compliant

The UK has a rich architectural history that needs to be preserved. Those properties with listed status are subject to a number of rules which govern how they can be repaired and modernised. The windows in a listed building are subject to a particularly stringent set of guidelines. This is primarily due to the disappearance of traditional windows from older buildings due to the relative ease with which they could be replaced.

Windows can be important historical artefacts in the history of a building. Restoring a listed building can be a huge responsibility. Not only do you want to do justice to the history of the property, but there are many regulatory hoops to jump through in regards to the style and types of materials used to restore it. Our vertical sliding windows use traditional weights and pulley sliding slash windows, designed for the specialist needs of conservation areas throughout the UK.

Energy efficiency

Though very beautiful, original vertical sliding sash window had a reputation for being draughty, noisy and unreliable to use. Our modern techniques mean that the windows we produce can achieve an A-rating and U-values from 1.4w/m2 K within the double glazed model and as low as 0.8 W/m2 K with triple glazing. You don’t have to sacrifice style for efficiency with vertical sliding sash windows from Timber Window & Door Solutions.

Window styles

Our handcrafted vertical sliding sash windows are available in a range of styles and materials. We use only ethically sourced timber to reduce our environmental impact and that of your property. Choose from a huge range of natural wood finishes and stains. If you’re looking for some colour, we can produce your frames in a range of vintage and modern hues to match your existing windows or give a whole new look to your property.

Choosing the right windows for your property

Our window specialists have decades of experience working with property owners to select and build the perfect windows for their needs. The outstanding quality speaks for itself as we have been honoured to create vertical sliding sash windows for amazing listed buildings and new developments across the UK.

Contact us today for information on any of our products. You can call us on tel:0131 629 3260 or through the contact form.

Timber Window Colours

Achieve the desired look for your new windows from our range of durable paint and stain finishes.

Our wooden doors and windows are available in any of the 200+ colours from the European colour matching system,

 RAL Click here to view them all >

  • Anthracite Grey

  • Bluebell

  • Burgundy

  • Buttercup Yellow

  • Dark Woodgrain

  • Emerald Green

  • Eucalyptus

  • Fire Green

  • Golden Oak

  • Ivory

  • Jet Black

  • Olive Green

  • Pillar Box Red

  • Steel Blue

  • Pillar Box Red

  • Steel Blue

  • White

  • Zinc Yellow

We Provide A Long Warranty With All Timber Products

We are delighted that the windows we manufacture come with some of the best warranties available in the market. These vary slightly from one manufacturer to another and specific warranties are supplied with your quotation, but generally the following warranties apply:

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